10 Things To Talk About Instead of How Much You Hate Millennials

We drink cold brew in the middle of winter. We drool over men with man buns and beards. We go to brunch every Saturday. And maybe also Sunday. We take pictures of our food. And our cats. And our cats jumping on the table and eating our food. And ourselves. Sometimes we have 50 snaps of the same selfie on our phone that may never get deleted.

We are the Millennials. We are the many. We are either praised or hated. We either drink too much beer or don’t drink enough. It is now rumored that the beer industry may be going out of business solely because of us. We are blamed for everything, but we don’t actually do anything. Fear us.

You know – I get it. People fear what they don’t understand, and who could ever understand why we love green juices so much but hate salads? I don’t know! I wish I could tell you why I complain rent costs so much but still spend money on concert tickets. URGH if only I could figure out why I tend to prioritize enjoying my life day to day instead of opening a Roth IRA when I barely have money to save at the end of the month anyways. If I only knew the words to say.

But, I totally get it. Millennials are so frustrating. I think we can all agree that if we all just, I don’t know, stopped talking about Millennials altogether I think everyone would be happier, right? Maybe, if we collectively stopped pitting one generation against the next, we may be able to focus on more important issues?

Don’t know where to start since complaining about Millennials fills up a good amount of your day? No worries! I have made a list.

10 Things To Talk About Instead of How Much You Hate Millennials

  1. How great dogs are. Most people can’t complain about those.
  2. Upcoming vacations. Almost everyone loves some time off from work.
  3. Your Favorite Netflix Series. Maybe you will get a new, great suggestion or realize someone loves the same as you.
  4. What you are making for dinner. Food sometimes is the only thing to look forward to during the day. There is nothing wrong with that.
  5. Will Smith’s lack of aging. I mean, have you seen him? He is starring in two new movies, and it’s basically like Fresh Prince ended this year. This needs to be discussed.
  6. Is coconut oil officially good or bad for you? Honestly, this also goes for red wine, coffee and chocolate. No one knows anymore.
  7. The temperatures this summer. It’s like, really hot, right?
  8. Concerns about the temperatures this winter. It may, in fact, be really cold.
  9. Which international food day it is today. Although it feels like every other day is “National Ice Cream Day,” I think we can all support that.
  10. Literally anything else. It’s not too hard. Try it! I dare you.

If you have more discussion topic suggestions, please let me know. Little did we all know, there are hundreds of topics that don’t have to do with hating Millennials. Who knew!


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