Strive to Fail

Failing scares most people. I don’t think anyone really starts something in hopes that it will all come crashing down in the end.

And why would you? We are told being a failure is the worst thing you can be. In all of those movies, the failure that dropped out of college gets shunned by their family. The failure that doesn’t make their marriage work is looked down upon by their children. The failure that gave up on their dream job  will regret it their whole life.

So, we avoid failure at all costs. The only way to certainly do this is: not trying. Not doing anything that is going to lead to a uncertain outcome. We aren’t going to go outside our box and try to do anything we haven’t done before because we could end up failing.

So, then we don’t try at all. Ever again. Only doing the things we are good at and never wondering if there is anything more out there.

Wanting to propose something new at work? Nope, that could potentially illicit a no. Or even worse: they could say yes and in the end it doesn’t work out. Fail.

Oh, you were thinking of moving across the country? Well, turns out you could end up not getting a job and moving back in three months. Fail.

Starting to get serious with a relationship and not sure if you should fully commit? Unlike your favorite rom-com, that person might not feel the same way. Ouch, fail.


You know what happens when you don’t try something new at work? You keep doing the same thing, and you might not move forward in your career. Bad fail.

If you don’t move across the country even though you truly would love to, you may never move out of your town ever. Bigger fail.

Never commit to someone you truly love and care about? May never prove to yourself that love is allowed to be scary. The worst fail. 

There is the failing that teaches you a life lesson and helps you grow as a person, and there is the failing that happens when you never do anything at all.

Let’s all try and fail more.


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