Battle 2017

It is possible 2016 is the topic we will soon only discuss in hushed tones and wordless, mouthed phrases. We are split into two groups: some believed 2016 had a curse of bad luck as others scoffed at the idea of blaming a period of time for unfortunate events. Either way, I think we can all agree that plenty of discouraging things happened in the time period that was January 2016 – December 2016. My only hope is down the road, when I am standing at an recently emptied water cooler complaining, I can shrug and say, “You know, this being empty sucks for sure. But remember 2016?” And whoever happened to be standing in my vicinity will respond with a knowing shake of the head and say, “Yeah, that was definitely worse.”

My hopes are very low.

But with 2016 (thankfully?) on the outskirts, this is usually the time we all write resolutions. Or half of us write resolutions and the other half scoff and roll our eyes as we remember how little we care about our resolutions after a few weeks. (These are most likely the same people who do not believe 2016 had a curse. I have done very minimal research on this, so do not quote me directly on this.) To make sure I wasn’t buying into the resolutions discussion this year, I ended up changing a few things in my life purposely before the 1st. Granted it was December 30th, but that’s besides the point.

I truly do not want to believe the only reason I have motivation to change my life is because I had to buy a new wall calendar

Yes, a lot of things usually begin or renew in the beginning of the year. That gives us plenty of chances for us to consider this beginning of a time frame to be something “new.” Leases may be signed, your contract for cable needs to be renegotiated and your gym has yet another deal that keeps you paying the $20 monthly fee when it roughly evens out to $10 per visit a month.

However, as I once wrote in another post about the same topic, this is another year of your life. This isn’t the year that is going to erase all the other years that weren’t what you wanted them to be. This is another year where you get to decide what you want to do with your life. Just like how you can do that everyday. Don’t make a year so precious or so daunting. It is something you have lived through again and again and will over and over.

2017 will be a lot of things for me. It will be a year with more yoga practice, a new living arrangement, more blog posts, a smaller internet bill. However, it won’t be “my” year. It will be another year, another battle to make sure I am making every year, every month, every day better. I say battle not in fear or expectation of hardship, but more as a challenge to myself. Also, I enjoy putting on my makeup in the morning much like a warrior would put on battle paint. Doesn’t work out really well with eyeliner though, just a forewarning.

Battle 2017: Am I going to decide to change my life only on January 1st or am I going to decide to change my life every single day of it?


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