Why I Take My Popcorn With A Side of Champagne

One of the many things I miss about college life were the nights my roommate and I would sit down for a whole night of watching stupid movies accompanied by popcorn and champagne. You may think that combination is very strange, and maybe even terrible, but as we all know, there is something about being a broke college student that suddenly makes a combination such as this totally acceptable. Ninety-nine cent Jiffy Pop plus a ten dollar bottle of champagne- sounds great! Classy and completely nutritious.

When we started this tradition of movie-champagne-popcorn-night, I remember thinking how strange it was that we were drinking champagne- something most everyone saves for a special occasion- on Tuesday nights. It’s like we were breaking drinking stereotypes- not something college students are known for at all really.

“How come we are drinking champagne and not just cheap wine? Gilmore Girls is special, but not the most special of occasions,” I asked my roommate.

“People put too much pressure on champagne to be only for special occasions. A Tuesday night and Gilmore Girls seems like a good time as any,” she shrugged.

I liked that. I liked the fact that we were making more of a Tuesday night than waiting for Friday to come around. I liked that we were drinking champagne out of coffee mugs and were wearing pajamas and red lipstick. Why? Because why the heck not?

Fast forward to the other day when I was reminded of this concept again.

I was going to take a bath and was looking at a bath bomb I had paid $6 for about a year ago. I wanted to use it, but I was waiting to use it for a special occasion. Then, I asked myself, what special occasion is there for a bath bomb though? When is the next time I am really going to need to smell like roses- when I meet the Queen? Why the heck was I waiting to use a bath bomb that was only $6?

Well, because I think indulging is only for special occasions. But you know what is a special occasion? That I made it through a hard day at work and actually tried to do my hair and didn’t burn my tongue on coffee again.

I understand that saving things for special occasions is nice. You get dressed up and get to celebrate something memorable. Not usually just because it is a Monday night and a $50 steak sounds nice. But because you worked hard towards a goal or you have just hit a milestone.

Which is great! That is great. Amazing. Exciting. But what about those days that nothing special happened? Do you not deserve to have something nice like that too? Why do we wait to only make some days special?

Maybe it isn’t the best idea to start drinking champagne every night or spending all of my money on bath bombs every other night, but I have stopped stopping myself from doing things because they should be “saved for special occasions.”

Eat some pizza off your fine china. Wear that nice outfit to Dave and Buster’s. Make cupcakes because it’s Wednesday.




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