The “Get Over It” Stage of Life

Remember when you were 15, and all you wanted was to be able to go out on a date? You couldn’t understand why your parents wouldn’t treat you like the adult you were. I miss those days. When you think you are being treated like an adult but really you are just a child with more privileges.

Then you get into college, and you think “this is adult life.” However, really you are in school with teachers who most the time only threaten to fail you and parents who only warn you to stop going out to eat so much or they will cut you off. You pretend this is what being an adult is- still passing classes you probably deserve to fail and still getting money you haven’t technically earned.

But then, adult life actually hits you, and boy, does it hit you hard. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem like anything you have done has been hard before this.

Um, excuse me Life, but I have already had to redo my resume like three times, and my parents told me I couldn’t get sushi twice a week anymore, so I was under the impression that nothing else was going to be as hard, let alone harder.

It’s almost like this whole time people were giving you a pass because you were still in college or just graduated or just young. They casually mentioned life would change with full-time jobs and such, but you thought you’d be fine. Nothing is harder than getting through college and finding enough quarters in the couch to do your laundry. This will be fine.

You are suddenly thrown into a world of hour and a half commutes, life insurance plans and student loan payments. You had no idea what hard was, and now your favorite phrase is “this is harddddd.” This is whined both after you can’t get the copier to work as well as when realizing you have tried three times to plan drinks with your best friend.

It’s really easy for me to complain and list all of the reasons why my life is hard. I spend at least three hours a day in my car. I don’t get to see my friends as much as I would like to. I don’t understand insurance plans, and I’m being told to sign up for one in a week. I still live at home. I can’t decide what my coffee order should be. Sometimes I have to pack my lunch to save money.

Oh, if you think that coffee complaint is pathetic, I’ve got another thirty other complaints just like that I can share if you ask. 

The worst and hardest thing about all of this? Things apparently just get harder. Yeah! Can you believe that? I will only have more and more things to deal with the older I get. I will need to buy a house one day and get a mortgage and figure out what they are for. It’s all uphill from here.

The second worst thing about this is people have stopped giving me a pass. In college if you didn’t know how to mail your own package, sure that makes sense. You’ve only been out on your own for a little while, and they are just impressed you have the money and kindness to think about mailing something. But now? You are a graduate. You passed exams and have gone to interviews and pay bills, and you don’t know how to mail a package? Wow, it’s like you haven’t even tried.

My normal response to this is to just not mail the package. Stupid, right? Just because I don’t know how to do something, I decide I have two options: ask my mom if she can do it for me or just opt out of it entirely.

Well, then your mom says she isn’t going to do it for you. You have to deal with it, and take Nike’s catchphrase to heart, and just do it.

You just get over it. Get over the fact that you don’t know how to mail a package, learn how and do it.

And thus, in my mind, this stage of my life has been depicted as Life giving me the most responsibility and things to deal with and essentially shrugging and saying “Get over it.”

The Get Over Stage of life isn’t fun, but apparently we all get used to it. Oh, job hunting is hard? Well, get over it, and work a little harder to get one. You haven’t seen your friends in a few months because you both are busy with work and other responsibilities? Get over it, and make time because that’s the only way it’s going to happen from now on. Insurance is confusing, and you don’t know whether to get eye coverage or not? Sweetie, do some dang research, and GET OVER IT. And, duh, get eye coverage because let’s be real you don’t wear your glasses enough to think you aren’t going to be blind by the time you are 30.

How do adults not complain more about these small but terrible things? Is it just that adults complain less about things such as not knowing what coffee to get or what they should put in their 401k because they got over it, dealt with it already and they have other things to worry about? Maybe the “get over it” stage of life is the rest of your life. Maybe we all should just be getting over things and dealing with them and moving on.

But maybe I can still complain about not knowing what to get at Starbucks while simultaneously complaining about not knowing what car to buy in the next three years. Is that adult enough to do? 


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