Small School Student Goes Big Agency Life

Loved writing another article for That Working Girl!

That Working Girl: Small School Student Goes Big Agency Life

If there is anything all small town college students have in common, it’s the phrase “I go to so-and-so school. You probably haven’t heard of it though. It’s very small.” Georgia College in Milledgeville has had its share of successful graduates – That Working Girl’s very own Lindsay Shoemake gets mentioned a lot when myself and others think about the success that this school has brought about! There is a lot of hope and opportunity that seems abundant even if a recruiter needs to look up where your college’s town is on a map. However, no one really tells you about the amount of intimidation and fear you will experience once you aren’t studying at a tiny school but working in a big workplace.

My big agency experience has come about with my amazing opportunity of getting an internship at 22squared, an advertising agency in Atlanta. When I say…

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