Why Living at Home Isn’t Even Close to Being the Worst Thing in the World

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about what it was like to move back in with your parents after being off in college, What It’s Like When You Move Back. A little before that post, I wrote one about how everything in life is constantly changing and how that’s a really great thing sometimes, Nothing is Permanent. 

Well, now I am here about to possibly contradict or at least branch off in a different direction of some of those points I made almost a year ago because you know what they say about getting older and wiser.

After completely moving out of my college apartment and throwing out every piece of schoolwork and trash that I had no use for (and couldn’t wait to burn in a pit and dance around joyfully), I am settled into living back at home. This doesn’t really feel any different than most of the rest of my summers have, but that is only because it hasn’t hit me that I will be staying in my parents’ humble adobe until I have saved enough money to pay for my own. It won’t hit me until August rolls around, and there aren’t boxes surrounding my bed and textbooks arriving at my doorstep. No, for right now I am blissfully still in denial about my life-changing situation. Please do not try to shake me from this state-of-mind; I’ve heard that could be dangerous.

Most of my peers are at this stage also. However, you won’t hear any of us saying “I can’t wait to live back at home! That’s where all of my old memories and life experiences happened and where my parents who don’t-care-when-I-get-home-but-really-do-care-and-expect-hourly-updates-about-my-whereabouts live. Super stoked!” Because honestly that’s weird. Not weird in that we don’t want to go visit and see our old lives and lovely families anymore; weird in that you would want to go right back and reside for a long while in a place you left to go “find yourself.” No one wants to move backwards. Neil Armstrong doesn’t want to go back to his life before he walked on the moon. It isn’t an ideal situation.

But it can be a peaceful one. Probably for more than just these reasons alone.

1. Hello money I have never had before. This may be stretching it for those of us who probably won’t be making our ideal income any time soon, but you have to admit that not having to pay for rent or groceries is pretty nice. If you have parents that are as generous as mine, you may not even have to pay for insurance or your phone until you get settled in an actual job. Dear family, I will remember you when I get rich and famous and can buy myself a yacht. You will also be getting a yacht.

2. You will probably start eating regularly (and better) again. I have this bad habit of forgetting to eat. Sometimes it turns me into a hangry monster and other times it makes me faint. I never know which one it is going to be, so it keeps life interesting! My parents know this, so the moment I get quiet my mom asks when was the last time I ate. And then she usually FEEDS ME! I have forgotten what it means to live the life of luxury and not have to make my own food 24/7. Even if it means I have to clean the kitchen right after. 

3. The transition into adulthood isn’t as terrifying when your mom is in the next room. If this makes me sound like a wimp, I don’t even care a little bit. Graduating is scary, and I called my mom almost every other day of this last semester. Most the time she didn’t even know why I was crying, but for some reason choosing what kind of milk at the store had me in tears. Decisions are hard. Adulting is hard. Still trying to figure out how to buy the right dairy is hard. I still need my mother and having her nearby during my first real employment and expense-paying stage of my life makes it easier. Fight me about it.

4. You may never have this time with your family again. I didn’t realize how much I had missed my dad’s air-popped popcorn until we had it the night I moved back. My mom and I making margaritas together. My brother and I talking about what’s new in film and entertainment. My dad and I going on motorcycle rides around town. No matter if I move out and only live 15 minutes down the road, I will never have this closeness with them again.

So, yeah. Living at home isn’t even close to being the worst thing in the world for me right now. I am going to enjoy it and probably still wish I could eat ice cream alone on the couch at 3 a.m. watching Scandal instead, but I have the rest of my life to be able to do that.

Also, we have animals here, and as much as I want a Corgi and Leonardo Di”Cat”prio, I know I am not going to be paying that pet fee for a while.



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