Survival Guide From My Hippie Parents

I know exactly what my mom will say when she sees the title of this post: “Kim, we are not hippies.” Although she would rather use the term New Age or probably just an “organic lifestyle,” the salt lamps, incense and gemstones around my house point towards the hippie realm. Growing up with these items all around my house never really seemed different to me until college when my friends asked me why we had vision boards on our walls and crystals on top of money. At that moment I thought, “Mmm, yeah I see how these things don’t really made sense to other people.” Since living on my own, I have developed my own lifestyle that seems to include many a vision board, coconut oil and small potted plants. Well, most of time I kill the plants, but it is the thought that counts. I have also realized that I have a plethora of unique information that I have shared with others in which they respond with “I’m sorry WHERE did you hear that?” My answer? My hippie parents.

When in doubt, drink some water. Actually, drink a lot of water. My whole life, I have always reached toward a bottle of water before a bottle of aspirin when a headache or nausea arises. Anytime I am feeling awful psychically, I hear my mom’s voice in the back of my mind whispering “Have you been drinking water today?” And you know who asks all of her friends that question when they are complaining about fatigue, headaches or upset stomachs? This hippie child.

Keep your room clean, keep your mind clear. Fun fact: my mom is a Feng Shui interior re-designer, and anytime my room is messy, she doesn’t just talk about how bad it looks; she talks about how bad it is for me and her and our family in general. Keeping in mind that it would take hours to understand how Feng Shui works and why my bedroom used to be located in the “relationship corner of the house” (check out her website if you want to understand more) just know that my bedroom position was an important place in my family’s life and when it was dirty, it could mean an unhappy household. Anytime there was clutter anywhere in the house, something felt heavy and unbalanced in the house, so my parents would clean. Consequently, every time I get stressed or feel like I’m not in control of my life, I clean. It helps. I don’t know if it’s therapeutic or if it was a trick for her to get me to clean- but it worked. Well, sometimes.

Focus on what you want, and you’ll find a way to get there. Vision boards are essential to my family’s life, so there is no surprise that I’ve learned to focus on my hopes and aspirations. However, it is my dad who showed me how the power of thinking can really help you with your life. He can attract upholstery clients in literal hours or days, leaving us all in disbelief. For the last few months, he has focused on making a certain amount of money every month, and every month has brought in at least double that amount. Okay, share the wealth dad.

Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. I have yet to truly master how to meditate. Why? Because it’s dang hard, and I am not a patient person. However, my dad has been known to meditate for up to an hour. Granted, he has been practicing a lot more than I have. Seeing both my parents hone the benefits of this practice has helped me grow a deeper interest for it.

Burn candles or incense instead of artificial air fresheners. It’s something about the toxins and unnatural ingredients. Whatever, it saves me money on Febreeze and those weird cone things we put in our dorm bathrooms freshman year.



  1. *sigh* I’ve been avoiding tidying up my room. There isn’t much out of place but since the room is super tiny and has to fit two people’s stuff anything out of place can feel overwhelming.

  2. This is such a fun article! My parents are big into herbs and natural things, so we don’t have any real medication around the house. I wish we had more crystals, etc. but sadly, no. I’ve been trying to drink more water the past month or so and cut back on my Mt. Dew habit! I’m hoping to start feeling the good effects of that soon.


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