You Know This Isn’t “Your Year,” Right?

Ah, it’s the first real day of 2015. I say this because although yesterday was January 1st, we all probably just stayed on the couch with a headache and watched the first season of “Friends” on Netflix. Well, I did anyways. So, today is the first day of the rest of my life! The gyms are filled with eager beavers! The donut shops are empty! Whole Foods has a one hour wait in the check out line! #NewYearNewMe posts are filling up the social media sphere, and all the detox juice is being made. This year is YOURS! 2015 is YOUR YEAR! FINALLY!

That phrase is so last year. It actually shouldn’t have been invented, and I curse the inventor. It was probably some blogger who got a new website design or haircut and needed to tell the world, but whatever. Anyways, it’s a load of barnacles. (Apparently, 2015 is the year I finally show my true form as a 80-year-old sailor). Last New Years you said 2014 was “your year,” but I guess that didn’t work out too well because 2015 is “your (new) year.”

SPOILER ALERT: EVERY YEAR YOU ARE ALIVE AND BREATHING ON THIS EARTH IS YOUR YEAR. It’s also everyone else’s year too. I’ve had 21 “my years.” It’s amazing how these things work. I understand a new year gives a lot of people hope for change. Sometimes we have these goals in our heads that we so desperately want but can’t seem to get the motivation to do so. What’s a better time than when everyone else is also getting motivation and deciding to begin anew? There probably isn’t one. We are all collectively getting off our couches and going to the gym, at least for a week. That’s powerful. That’s amazing!


This happens every year. Your life continues every day. You are going to have years that seem awful and years that seem spectacular. But we have to stop thinking this one is going to be ours because EACH one is great for its own reasons. Even if you were dumped, your car was egged, you lost your job, you forgot to do your taxes all in the same year (if this is true, get yourself some cake), this last year was still your year. Maybe it was the year you decided you were going to stop dating people your friends don’t like or the year you tried to be nicer so people didn’t have the urge to egg your car- but you lived through it, and IT WAS YOUR YEAR TO OWN.

I do love the beginning of years. They are so full of hope and excitement. Most of the time, I feel like I can accomplish anything I really set my mind to and that I will finally take up kick boxing. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can do anything ANY year or ANY day of my life, and I will probably never take up kick boxing. I bruise too dang easily.

Here’s to 2015 being another of YOUR YEARS. Just like 2014 and 2013 and all the ones before. Make it better- and by “it” I mean “your life,” not 2015. Because, what, after December 31st of this year you’re just going to go back to getting your car egged? Yeah, I didn’t think so.



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