Incubation: Not Just For Eggs

Sometimes we stop doing the things we love because we get stuck or frustrated. We stop running because we can’t seem to break an eight minute mile. We stop baking because we just can’t seem to get the recipe perfect. Even though we know practice makes perfect, and there is a light at the end of the exhausting tunnel, we just walk away. Writer’s block plagues the writing community everyday, and I just want to walk away.

Unfortunately, kind of fortunately also, I can’t even just stop writing because we, ya know, use it everyday. Language is one of those things you can’t really just step away from, and if you do, there’s usually a protest of some kind involved, not just the desire to quit. Thus, I can’t stop what I am doing because there are speeches to be written, emails to be devised and lengthy text messages to be constructed. However, I have been lulling in writer’s block for long enough to realize how amazing it is to give up on writing or your passions in general.

For a little while, I shall iterate. In my public speaking class this semester, we have learned the steps of preparing a speech. There’s the preparation where you put together your ideas and figure out what you want to write about and how you can clearly organize it to be shared with your audience. During this time, there is a level of frustration where you have run out of ideas, hope, wine, etc. And that’s where the most beautiful step comes into play- INCUBATION. Yep, not just for chickens anymore ladies and gents! Incubation is where you step away from your work and don’t think about it. You give up. Quit. Throw in the towel. Run away from your problem essentially- everything you are taught not to do when the hard times come for you. But, in this wonderful time of not caring or wondering about your work, you will get hit with the idea or the point you have been waiting to find in the mist of your disgruntled behavior. Essentially, the chicken hatches from the egg. The miracle of life at its finest.

And although my public speaking class terrifies me because there are so many differences between writing a speech and giving to a class full of people who may or may not understand your humor, I have learned incubation can be applied for every single part of life. Especially writer’s block. And running (not that I would know). And baking (also, no experience there, sorry). When you step away and stop thinking about something over and over and over again, you will figure it out.

Because here I am writing a post about writer’s block when I have writer’s block. That might be a cop-out…I’ll get back to you on that point.

Happy incubating!



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