Just Do It Scared

The best piece of advice someone has ever given me was ‘do it scared.’ And no matter if you’re scared, just go ahead and do it anyway because you might as well do it scared, so it will get done and you will feel so much better if you step out of your comfort zone.

Sherri Shepherd

I’m going to admit something many people in my generation, or many people in general, can relate to: I get anxious about anything I have to do that I haven’t done before. It doesn’t matter if I have to go into a new bank to deposit a check or find a restaurant when meeting a friend for dinner- I get anxious, nervous and scared. Maybe it is just a little too far out of my comfort zone or the possibility of embarrassing myself at a new place, but I have to convince myself for a good amount of time to go and do what needs to be done.

A year and a half ago, I was the most scared I had been. My fear was comparable to moving to a new town with zero friends or having a big test handed to you in class when you thought it was the next week. I had only been in a few mass communication classes in college, the last job I had was handing people pizzas over a counter, and I didn’t know how to talk on the phone without breaking into a cold sweat. Needless to say, I was terrified out of my mind to have a real job in my field.

But life has a funny way of looking you straight in the eye and shrugging, “So, what is it going to be? I’m not going to pause for you to decide whether you’re going to take this opportunity or not.” And that’s the moment your fear helps you step on stage to deliver that speech, or call that employer, or ask that cutie in math class out. At some point you just say, “What the heck, might as well do it and look like an idiot,” and most the time you actually kind of look like you know what you’re doing and feel silly for being scared in the first place.

Sherri definitely has it right though- I prefer doing something scared. It not only shows me that fear is needed to take important steps in life, but it gives you that sigh of relief that’s better than finding your missing paper in a random folder on your computer.

Do it scared- because at least you know you can.


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