Lifetimes Ago

Time is a weird thing. Sometimes five minutes can take an hour and four years seems like just the other day. Personally, change is what determines how time feels to me. If I am changing my tasks and running around for what seems like an hour, my whole work day is gone. Otherwise, sitting at my desk trying to add another paragraph to an article for 30 minutes seems like forever. This also means, my months and years adhere to this same logic, thus a few years full of change seem like a lifetime ago. When people discuss lifetimes, we generally talk about our own- just one. If you talk about reincarnation, we speak of many different lifetimes lived by the same soul in different bodies. Either way, it is usually speaking of one specific person’s journey through life. The time they live.

My family and I have experienced a lot of changes over the years. We have move four times, have had many lifestyle alterations and there have been job changes mixed in. Even before me, both my parents had gone through multiple occupations and homes, so I can’t even image how many lives they feel like they have lived. For me, I believe I am on my fourth. I’m not saying this as (what most people believe to be) a “pretentious” 21-year-old who thinks she has learned everything and has a lot of experience under her belt. No, this isn’t what I’m talking about at all. This is explaining how very different a person you are depending on each major change in your life.

I believe my first life was growing up in California. Those 11 years shaped who I was as a little girl, and man was I tan for a short amount of time I don’t really remember now.

Life #2 was moving to Georgia and enduring the challenges of middle/high school. I had to learn who I was while also understanding southern ways…I’m not saying it was an easy process. This stage ended when I went off to college and realized I actually knew nothing about anything.

My third and shortest lifetime just finished. Moving to yet another house and internship hunting has radically changed my life purpose and way of thinking. Granted, this could just be a “transition” lifetime into the one I am now living, but freshman year really does feel like 50 years ago.

Currently on my self-proclaimed fourth lifetime, I don’t know what to expect. I know once I start a job, it’s going to feel like another lifetime, and maybe I will move out of the state and that will be another. The funny thing about this idea of “lifetimes ago,” is that it is almost therapeutic to look back. There were many lessons I learned, many I have yet to really learn, people I have met, places I have gone, experiences I remember that have shaped who I am today. With every lifetime, I hope to bring something new in and reinvent who I am within.

Who knows, maybe I will like Lana Del Rey in this next lifetime. But, I’m really not betting on that.







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