The Things I Would Do Without My College Debt

Ah, it’s the time of the morning where your alarm goes off and you instinctively groan so loudly your cat jumps off the bed offended. Yeah, well honestly Oreo, I am offended to because I just checked my email and ‘QUARTERLY LOAN REPORT: THIS IS NOT A BILL” just appeared on my screen, and that just isn’t something you want to wake up to. Or ever see really but that’s unrealistic. I’m not going to go into deep detail about what the email stated because I have cried enough from getting soap in my eye earlier, but it wasn’t pretty. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I start fantasizing about what I could do to make things better. In this case I just made a list of things I could be doing with that money instead of stressed for 5+ years to pay it off.

  • I could breathe deeper than a yoga instructor during a retreat in the mountains. I’m not sure if that is a thing, but it just sounds so dang relaxing.
  • I could buy a car for myself. Most the time, I feel worse for my parents when someone hits my car or I accidentally leave the sun roof open during torrential downpour because they paid for that car, and I am tarnishing their good name. That’s why I need to purchase my own car- I could leave old Starbucks cups in there for forever and only I will be upset with myself and the awful smell of curdling latte.
  • I could travel to Spain, Italy, Ireland, Poland, and all the other places I always pretend I have planned trips to when the question comes up. “Where do you want to travel?” Then boom, I just pick a place I’ve seen a pretty picture of before, and it makes me sound cultured. I usually just stick to “I want to go everywhere!” but then I sound like a five-year old who thinks they can be “the sun!!!” when they grow up.
  • I could move out of my parents’ house. Ah, the ultimate dream.
  • I could have a decent sized savings account. Ha, but come on who needs one of those? Especially a girl who uses her debit card for purchases under $4 far too often. Man, those “save as you go” programs have my head on a platter.
  • I could invest in something I care about. Donating money to animals or children in need would definitely be in my plan. Also, get a font named after me. Also, invest in a food truck. I feel like dividing all those up evenly would suffice and satisfy.

But here I am, dreams on hold for a piece of paper my mom will put in a frame, and I will lose in the top of my closet somewhere just like my other hopes of being financially stable in the next five years.



  1. There is something incredibly wrong about the state College and University leaves us in. I hope one day you can accomplish all of those things!

      • Absolutely! I’ve been a post-grad for a year and haven’t gotten even close to what I went to school for. So if we’re sacrificing our finances, the least we can do is be rewarded for our education.

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