Nothing Is Permanent

I’ve been reading a lot of “what you need to know about your 20s” articles lately. Okay, I read almost every single one I come across. It’s interesting to see what some people deem as important to know. Even though each has a different context and words of advice, almost every one has the message of “Nothing is permanent.”

Until this year, I didn’t totally grasp this concept. Yes, I realize I am not going to be permanently in college forever. I am not going to be permanently in this town or be around these people or live with my parents. But there are so many things I thought I knew were for certain: my way of thinking, my passions, my family dynamic, myself in general. However, those angst-y, humor-filled-but-trying-to-be-shocking-and-blunt articles were right. Nothing is permanent.

Finding out my family was planning on moving again was the trigger that started my realization of truth in that statement. We moved from California, we moved after I graduated from high school, but I thought another one wasn’t going to be scheduled until once I was out of college.  No matter if my parents moved 100 times, at some point I was going to be moving myself and apartments don’t really feel much like home anyways. My home wasn’t permanent.

This past semester had been my hardest and also my most enjoyable. Although I finished the hardest client and class work of college thus far, I finally found people I could laugh and cry with at 3 a.m. finishing homework. Unfortunately, these beautiful people were mostly seniors, and I soon realized my warm mass-com family was growing up and out of where I still had a year to stay. Of course I will make a point to see them, but it won’t be at 3 a.m. in the library. The people in my life are not permanent.

Seeing some of my closest and dearest friends lose an important woman in their lives, the idea struck me again. Some things change over night and leave you bewildered; some can change gradually, but they can be even more shocking and painful. Knowing a year ago everything in their lives was different makes you jolt awake from the zoned-out autopilot coma we all seem to walk around in during the week. My life and my loved ones’ lives are not permanent.

Even though this all seems very upsetting, non-permanence (is this even a real word?) is actually a blessing. Living in the same town your whole life prevents you from exploring the world. Hanging out with the same people will only allow you to grow as much as you let yourself. Living forever would leave you bored and unappreciative of the time you have to share with those you love. It’s scary to wake up every morning and realize events could occur that could change the whole course of your life, but that is also very exciting. It won’t be all bad. And even if it is all bad, sometimes the end result is exactly what was needed.

Nothing is permanent. Except for stickers. Be suuuuper careful with where you put stickers because those things will stay on forever.


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