Quarter Life Crisis: Part I

One semester from Hell and four difficult client projects later, and I am officially a senior in college. Everyone always talks about how they can’t believe college is almost over, but I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE COLLEGE IS ALMOST OVER. I still feel like that awkward freshman who got anxious going to the dining hall alone. In one year, I will probably be feeling anxious to go get lunch alone in Atlanta during my break at my internship at an agency. I probably will have to use Google Maps just to find the nearest Taco Bell. Do they have Taco Bells in downtown Atlanta? Oh well, I have a year to figure that out.

At the beginning of every school year it always seems like students decide to change or switch up their lifestyles. Kind of like how everyone uses New Year’s as a time to revamp their whole life, the new school year is the student’s second time to implement some resolutions. Although it’s only the beginning of summer, I have decided I am not going to wait for the school year to come around to make some life changes. It’s about to be my last summer as a college student and to ensure these changes are habits by the school year, might as well start now, right?

  • Do I want to be here? No? Then leave. I have this awful habit of feeling guilty when I give in to my own desires. So when something comes up, such as a party or a lunch date or an opportunity that I don’t want to go to, I usually end up going knowing very well that I would rather be doing something else. The whole time I am there I am uncomfortable and kicking myself for going instead of just saying “no.” I don’t need an explanation. I don’t need to do everything everyone around me wants to do. I don’t need to be wasting my time pleasing others, in situations that don’t make me happy. I vow to stop doing things because I feel guilty.
  • Never stop learning. With my last year of classes planned out before me, I realize there are some things I wanted to learn that I won’t be able to from my undergrad degree. I want to learn sign language. I want to understand and study all the major religions of the world and maybe some of the minor, obscure ones too. I want to know how to make a speech in front of 1,000 people and not break a sweat. I want to know how to use Photoshop like a champ and not cry at the end. Some of these things I could stay behind and take classes for, but I don’t need a test to show me that I have mastered these skills. I vow to explore my options and pursue my interests no matter if I am in the classroom setting or not.
  • Find new passions and places to escape. I am scared of having a routine. One of my biggest fears recently is that my days will be filled with work or school and laying on the couch after either or because I am too tired to do much else. That isn’t how I want to remember my summer or my last year of school. I want to remember how hard I worked but also how hard I played. I want to venture to a local art gallery just because. I want to hammock at different parks throughout my city. I vow to make sure I never get bored with my schedule.

What do you wish you did your last year of college?


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