When Your Dream Becomes Your Reality

It was hot outside. Not the “oh man I wish I could stand under some shade to get cool” hot. It was the “you are an idiot for moving to middle of nowhere Georgia for college” hot. My third week at college and it seemed like I had made all the wrong choices. Standing in the middle of the stairs to the mass communication building, with an assignment in my hands I had no desire to finish, and dozens of other lost freshman around me, I didn’t feel like I had a place. And if this was supposed to be my place, where was I supposed to stand? Because these stairs and this sun were not working in my favor.

Looking past the stairs, I saw a something glimmer. It was a sparkling bra hanging from a tree. Yes, this was a liberal arts college but come on…a bra on campus? More wanting to laugh than understand what was going on, I crossed the pavement and stood in front of a table labeled “Bobcat Spectrum PR.” Falling into a conversation which started before my arrival, I learned the bras were a part of a fundraising event for the Survivor’s in Pink, honoring those women who have survived breast cancer. For $15 anyone could decorate a bra and have it hung all over front campus to help these ladies celebrate their recoveries.

“This is what SpectrumPR is all about. We are a student run PR firm that helps clients see their full potential and work with them throughout one or two semesters. You really get the hands-on experience you would want in public relations,” said one Co-Director for the firm.

At that moment, I knew what I wanted. Writing was my passion for so long, but I felt like I needed more. I needed to work with people and help people. I knew that public relations would let me do that. Not only did I want to help those clients and work with a team to plan a fundraising event like the one before me. But I wanted to be that girl in the blue SpectrumPR shirt who stood there telling me exactly what I needed to hear.

Three years and a few SpectrumPR teams later, I finally have that opportunity. For the next year, I am able to stand at a table and talk to lost students who want something to fulfill their hopes while in college. I get to work alongside one amazing girl named Brooke and guide teams into working miracles for clients. I get to see them succeed and fail and push themselves more than they ever have just like I did.

I get to say that I had a dream, and it became a reality. If anything, this is just a push to have bigger dreams. For now, I’m going to enjoy this one dream for a little while.


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