The Junior Year Curse

Starting my second semester of my junior year of college, I realized something while trying to figure out when the heck I am supposed to breathe during the next 18 weeks: junior year always kicks my butt. In high school, Juniors had to take the SATs, ACTs, graduation tests and other evaluations to make sure they were intelligent enough to continue their lives. Then, we had to apply for colleges: essays, applications, application fees and anxiety. On top of all of that, we also had our regular amount of work.

What, am I just supposed to find that time?

In college, Junior year is following the same pattern, with a few differences.

I’m finally in all of my major and minor classes, but do you know what that means? NO EASY A’s. I’m actually beginning to miss Spanish because at least MySpanishLab gave me an automatic 100 with unlimited attempts. Now, I actually have to understand and do my best because, well, I have nothing to lean on except for my effort.

I can’t just spell check when all papers and written documents need to be in AP style.

Then, I have to actually manage my time because between all of my super important classes, I also need to start thinking about internships and volunteering in student organizations. There are also Internship and Career Fairs I actually might need to start thinking about going to. Graduation is only a year away. PLEASE STOP REMINDING ME

Keep your future talk away from me. It’s scaring me and JLaw

This also seems to be the year everyone decides they want to spend the rest of their lives with another person. Gross. The engagement statuses will become too much to handle, and soon I will realize I’m getting old. Not old enough to want to get married myself, but for other people that’s old enough.

I think the worst part of this year will be all of my senior friends graduating. I still have one more year, but they are all going to be off on their life adventures with exciting internships and careers. One more year of this all over again and I’m going to have to be the oldest person in class. Also, I don’t have money for graduation presents, so they might all be getting dollar pocket-planners from Wal-Mart. Sorry to spoil the surprise, guys.

You guys are all just going to LEAVE ME HERE ALONE?

I realize this is all exciting, and by the end of the year I will be wishing it wasn’t already my last year in college and blah blah blah. As long as I can live through all of this, I should be great. Just peachy.


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