Dear Kim, What’s up?

Here we are again at the end of another year. You only have one and a half of these left in college, can you believe that? Remember when you were a fresh, naive high school graduate ready for anything? Yeah, I don’t want to think about it either, but it was a thing, and it happened almost three years ago. So glad we got over the bangs phase…for now.

Anyway, I know most people write a letter to their past selves or themselves 10 years in the future, but I wanted to write to you. Or, uh, me. Us? Whatever, I wanted to write to you at this very moment. I want to tell you that I love you and am so proud of who you have become. This year has been one for the books (or blogs?), but there’s only more chaos, spontaneity, pain, love, joy, and growth ahead. These are all good things, so don’t hide under your covers when your next experience comes around. There is no light without the darkness; no yin without the yang; no chocolate without vanilla. Well, of course I was going to make a food reference, who do you think I am?

I also wanted to remind you of a few things for this next year. Go outside some. Netflix will be there waiting for you any time, but your days won’t. Breathe deeply each morning when you wake up, and remind yourself of how incredibly lucky and grateful you are for the universe, this life, this day.


Continue to learn from yourself and your mistakes. Yes, I mean study your life just like you study Spanish vocabulary. Write down the lessons you learned from each fall; make sure you could pass a test based off your own life. When you know your habits and weaknesses, you can react accordingly when faced with an experience that is all too familiar. And honey, the test will not be multiple choice.

photo (1)

Love. Love so much people worry about you getting hurt from your unconditional care. Because here’s the thing: you’re going to get hurt again. If we succeeded at everything we did, we wouldn’t try anymore. You know what it takes to recover from losing a friend, being forgotten and being broken. Friends, family and lovers are forever flowing in and out of your life, and the amount of love you decide to give to them should not be determined based off your last heartache.  Care a lot. Love more. Don’t forget you are also allowed to walk away from things that don’t suit you anymore.

photo (2)

Be gentle, kind and patient. Especially to us. Slapping yourself on the wrist for not knowing something that wasn’t on the study guide just gives you a swollen forearm, not a lesson.

And keep in mind that while it’s nice to reminisce about the past and daydream about the future, you can be doing things this very moment. Old Kim doesn’t need a pep talk. She’ll get over it; we both know that. Future Kim doesn’t really need advice from us when she has been here, done this. Please, check in once in a while and make sure we are okay. Though, I have a feeling this year is going to be infinitely more than okay.


Me. You. Us. Kimberly.

P.S. Do your laundry tonight. You keep putting it off, and you’re going to make us regret it.


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