College Classes I Actually Need

This semester has been the busiest one of my whole life. Although I only have 12 hours, the work load and extra curricular activities have made me reevaluate how I spend my free time. However, I am eternally grateful for the fact that I am in all my major and minor classes and besides my last Spanish class this week, I will never have to sit through a core class again. I will never understand exactly why I needed Myth, Magic, and Modern Folklore to understand how to write a press release? (It seems like an interesting class because of the title. Believe me, it is NOT fun and NOT interesting and almost caused a mental breakdown for me.) So, I was thinking. What classes would actually benefit everyone in their college years instead of taking Trig and Chemistry when you are a history major or any major not involved with math or science? Or taking four levels of Italian when you are a theatre major with no intention of leaving the country? Here are the classes I really need.

  • How the heck to do taxes and all those other important adult skills. Maybe I don’t even learn step by step how to do my taxes because there are computer programs and people you can hire for that, but could I atleast have taxes explained? I’m not sure why this isn’t taught in high school math or briefly described in college courses because honestly I have no idea how interest rates or car payments work honestly. That was a rude wake up when I realized “$239/month” on car commercials meant every month FOR ABOUT FIVE YEARS. Also, what’s a reasonable price for a washing machine?
  • How to move out of your parent’s house successfully. Honestly, my biggest fear is being overly excited and determined to move out on my own after I graduate that I don’t plan it perfectly and end up right back in my old room in about two months. Most people say you should have enough money saved in the bank for three month’s rent and emergency funds before you even think about moving out. You know how I figured that out? Doing my own research. Why can’t we talk about that in a senior level class?
  • How to handle transitional periods in your young adult life. I just want to know how to change the course of my life without having seven mental breakdowns and eating five tubs of ice cream.
  • Be a boss at time management and organization. Literally just a class practicing making to-do lists and allotting certain amounts of time to complete each task by. If it wasn’t for the alarm on my phone, I think it could be years before I woke up.
  • Talking on the phone, giving and receiving compliments and all those other things you need to know how to do to be successfully social. Maybe this is just for me.

I realize some of these might be covered in college course. Personal finance teaches you how to balance your check book and pay bills, but I want these specific classes! And I would prefer them to be taught by a snarky, sarcastic and attractive graduate student.

  • How to have reasonable expectations and dreams for classes in college. Whatever, that’s not fun.

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