Skills That Should Totally Matter

I think I made my first resume when I was eight. What I could put on there besides “great work ethic sometimes when candy is a reward” and “excels in making brother kick her out of his room in under five seconds” baffles me, but I still wrote one. How to write, what to include in and where to send a resume have been pounded into my mind over the years, so it should be easy and fun right?

Ew, no, never. Although I realize resumes are the first impression to a prospective employer, I would rather meet them and tell them about myself instead of trying to sell myself on paper. Nevertheless, I found myself redesigning my resume yet again and realized that for my generation we should really be able to put a few skills down that are extremely important and relevant.

  • Our laziness sometimes spawns genius-ness: I almost always forget to plug-in the iron in the morning, so I use my hair straightener to press my skirt. Sometimes my laptop overheats when I use it in bed, but instead of moving to the desk, I make one out of hardcover books.
  • We make ourselves overcome social anxiety and awkwardness every time we leave our rooms: If I have the task of calling someone and asking them a question, there are a series of events that occur prior to me picking up the phone.
  1. Start hyperventilating
  2. Start sweating
  3. Devise the perfect way to ask said question
  4. Write down the perfect way to ask said question
  5. Practice saying it out loud in a few different accents
  6. Run possible dialogue over and over in head
  7. List all things that could go wrong: dial wrong number, get answering machine, forget your name
  8. Breath. Almost pass out. Breathe.
  9. Pick up phone.
  10. Put done phone.
  11. Convince self to pick up phone again and dial

We don’t like having to be the ones to start conversation, or continue them really, but we do it because we know it makes us better people and will get us somewhere in life. That should count for something!

  • Inspiration shows itself in mysterious ways: We might not be productive during the normal hours such as 9-5, but no doubt that magic hour of 2 a.m. comes around and the whole house will be cleaned and all the yoga and/or kick boxing will be completed.
  • We know how to be dedicated, focused and sit in place for long amounts of time. This usually will help if coffee or Netflix is involved, but I’m just saying it does happen a lot! Once we get into something, we go all out.

My ability to work with others, my social media skills, and my love for everything creative will always be the highlights of my resume, and I realize the skills listed above don’t seem very impressive to anyone outside my age group. However, I think we should all acknowledge these as achievements somehow.

What skills do you wish you could include in your resume?


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