Give Me Books or Give Me Paper Cuts

I love reading. I do not, however, love my inconsistent reading tendencies. My reading habits will vary from the I-will-not-be-eating-sleeping-or-socializing-until-this-book-is-read to the let-me-read-the-first-chapter-and-get-distracted-and-pause-this-book-for-a-few-months. There is no in between for me.

People keep telling me that I should try to read multiple books at the same time to develop a normal reading schedule. The rule was: one book for pleasure and one book for research.

1. The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide by Douglas Adams

My brother had this monster sitting on his bookshelf and let me borrow it. I’m all about outer space, weird stories, and of course reading a book whether you liked the movie or not. So, this one was my “for pleasure.”

2. The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

For my Public Relations Administration class, I was assigned to read a management book to review and present to the class later in the semester. It was particularly easy to pick this book because 1. about three people within my industry have recommended it to me in the last year, and 2. apparently it is about giving back to the economy and business social responsibility. Good deeds and good recommendations? Count me in.

3. Looking For Alaska by John Green

Okay, this one also falls into the “for pleasure” category, but it’s John Green! Plus, with The Fault in Our Stars coming to the big screen soon, I am all about him and his way of making me burst into tears in the most inappropriate public places.

I’m going to reaaaaally try to read these books in a timely fashion. I just hope my mind doesn’t make up its own story about a world where misunderstood teenagers go off on an adventure through the galaxy to try to give back to the broken economy.

Actually, I would read that.

What books are you reading?


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