Things I Probably Won’t Accomplish This Semester

A new semester means a whole new spectrum of goals I think about accomplishing but know I probably won’t ever get around to doing. Last semester I wanted to start an eating schedule that made it easy to track my calorie intake and after about three meals I unsubscribed from the site. Calories aren’t important.

Keeping a decent sleep schedule. After working all summer, I naturally wake up around 8:30 a.m. Slowly but surely the 4 a.m. Taco Bell runs and impromptu gas station visits will drag me to the dark side.

Making gourmet meals every night. HA. Hahahahahaahaha.

Leaving my room for more than just to eat or go to class. You know how hard that is to do? That means putting on pants. That means planning activities. That means trying. THAT MEANS PUTTING ON PANTS.

Writing a blog post every week. Okay, I totally will try but who knows. I might have to start going out and doing things…but let’s be realistic probably not.

Making new friends. It’s such a process! You have to start off with an ice breaker and move to polite conversation which leads to causal conversation which ends up at lengthy personal conversation and that could take weeks! Plus, you have to leave your room to meet me people and…

In reality, I only have two years left. I’m sure going to make them count, so I may have to try to do a few of these things. But I feel like if you make a to-do list that is semi-lazy, you might actually get things done and feel great!

Totally kidding. I expect this semester to be awesome! Everyone should be rocking the rest of 2013!


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