A Singing Comedian Who Does Nails.

I’ve complained a lot about the dreaded “What do you want to do with your major?” question. However, I realize that that annoying conversation topic started earlier than senior year of high school. I have decided to compile the list of my answers for the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question by my grade level throughout the years.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: Singer/Actress. Duh, right? Apparently I signed up to sing the national anthem in front of my whole school during this time. I do not remember this, but my parents assure me I was a bold little one. I do remember running around my room acting and singing out Britney Spears “Lucky” though.

3rd-4th Grade: A Manicurist. You know when you realize you are good at something and automatically start thinking about doing it for the rest of your life? I painted my neighbor’s nails one time, and it was all down hill from there. Thankfully I realized I am not a fan of other’s feet and dropped that dream faster than you can remove glitter nail polish.

5th-7th Grade: A Novelist. Those creative writing classes gave me too much confidence. We wrote short stories, poetry, nonfiction, horror, you name it. My teacher loved me because I took her class because I loved writing not just to get out of orchestra like everyone else. I still love writing but can not write anything longer than 10 pages.

8th-9th Grade: A Detective/ Forensics Specialist. I was obsessed with Nancy Drew. Still am, judge me! I wanted nothing more to be a detective and solve crimes and CSI it-up for the rest of my life. Then freshman Biology came along and I developed an awful case of blood-phobia and the horrible death of that dream was the only mystery I ever solved.

10th-11th Grade: Actress. My dreams of singing flew away after 2nd grade, but my time on stage stole my heart. Drama Geek that I am knew it was rare to make it big in the industry but dreamed about it anyways.

12th Grade: Journalist. Combine my love for finding out the truth and writing, and you get a struggling journalist. I’m not really sure why I always dreamed of the jobs that weren’t certain, but what can I say? I love not knowing. (THAT IS A TOTAL LIE)

Early College: Publicist. After working for my school newspaper senior year of high school, I wasn’t sure if I could handle knowing my work would eventually end up on the floor of a subway or wrapped around someone’s valuables during a move. Public Relations seemed like a good fit since I (mostly) loved people and can talk until someone put a piece of duct tape over my face. Not even just mouth. Face.

Recently: Advertiser. Still within Mass Communication but more of a creative outlet. I want to be on the team that comes up with the next “Got Milk?”-esk campaign.

Yesterday: Comedian. One person told me one time I should be one, and my dad thinks I am funny, so I will be dropping out of college and following my struggling-artist dreams.


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