It’s Not You, It’s…No, It’s You

Well, we have been together for a while now. It has been, what, two years? Maybe even three. I can’t remember to be honest. You just came into my life and never left my side, or pocket, or purse. I remember seeing you and knowing I needed you in my life. Finding you was a window to finding myself.

You supported me from the beginning. No matter the tasks I put you through you were always there to keep my money safe, my Starbucks Rewards cherished, and my school ID presentable. You were always so reliable and kept my house key and mace close at hand on those dark nights.

Sure, we had our rough times. I would forget how important you were and just leave you on my desk. But every time I did, I missed you. I needed you. Sometimes I would abandon you for a night out. I needed my freedom, and you were just too much to handle. I admit that was wrong taking my license and ten bucks and just tossing you aside. You always forgave me though because you knew I would come back. You were there for the times I skimmed by on Ramen that one week because I blew all my money on pizza the week before and also when I received dozens of gift cards for my birthdays.

But that was a while ago. I was young, naive, and truly thought wearing your lanyard around my neck while strolling across campus was fashion forward. I have grown into a different person. I take you out and people stare. Of course I don’t care what others think, but future employers are out there watching, you know?

We were perfect for each other for a while but everyone grows up. I am grateful for everything you have done for me, but I…have met someone else. No I didn’t see it coming! It was just sitting on the clearance rack, and you know I can’t help it when something is 60% off. Yes, of course you know that.

Please don’t take this so harshly; it was bound to happen eventually. Some things just don’t work anymore and your pockets were getting so worn down…I know, you’ll always be there. Yes, I will tell my parents you appreciate them paying for you.

No, it’s okay, you can keep the old receipts. I want you to hold onto something.

And thank you, you know, for being my favorite wallet.


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