Kick The Bucket List

I’m not sure what it is about watching “Titanic” that makes me want to talk about all things profound, such as: why is it so hard to find a guy who will sacrifice himself to save me from a sinking ship or how come no one actually looks like Leo in real life? Or possibly a more common: what do we want to do before we die?

I had these conversations with my roommate in which we got on the topic of bucket lists. She told me she didn’t have one which I responded to with, “Psh, okay. Everyone has one. Whether you write it down or not.” Right?

She told me bucket lists make people eager for the future. You make a list and fantasize about wanting to do all of these things before you die instead of just doing them.

“Every time you do something,” she said, “you’re just looking on to the next one.”

Are you really enjoying the things you are doing or are you just eager to cross it off the list and yell “LOOK WHAT I JUST DID”?

And then I read this article: I Have a List, But No Bucket. A woman suffering from life threatening illnesses realizes her bucket list is more made up of things she reminds herself are important such as telling her family she loves them everyday. So essentially, when she wants to do something, she does it. There isn’t much time for her to write it down and think about it. 

We don’t need to use a “bucket” as an excuse to do things, and we certainly shouldn’t be waiting until we finish one and two to get to three. You want to do something? Do it. If you give yourself too much time to think about things, there is a likely chance you will talk yourself out of it.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.



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