Things I Let Myself Quit

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I wouldn’t call myself a quitter. Most the things I start, I finish. But I have realized sometimes you have to throw in the towel, even if that means more laundry to do.

Making my Five Year Plan. Every college student gets the “What’s your major? What do you want to do with it?” question when meeting anyone, and I’m sure most of them, like me, hate answering it. If I had realized I needed to figure out my whole life when I turned 16, I probably would have dropped out of school and lived under a near-by playground jungle gym for the rest of my days. I could make a five-year plan today, and it could be totally different tomorrow. I have a general idea of my path, but you won’t see me writing it down anytime soon.

Trying to finish Pinterest crafts from months ago. The only Pinterest type crafts I have really finished were t-shirt scarves that took less than 30 minutes to cut up and various Christmas presents which were completed the night before they were handed out. Half way through an attempted paint swatch masterpiece on what seemed like a poster board the size of the Atlantic, I realized sometimes these things were never meant to be. And when I say “these things” I really mean my talent in gluing paint chips on a board. It seems easier than it was, okay?

Throwing out my teenage attire. Granted, I have only not been a teenager for a few months, but it’s like once you turn 20 you don’t know if you are suddenly supposed to transform into an adult or just wait another year. It is maturity limbo. I still have my crop tops, jean shorts, and slouchy sweaters that defined my early college existence, but the other side of my closet is filled with blazers, cropped dress pants, and form-fitting dresses that make me feel like I am the CEO of Gap. Instead of trying to drop my hipster-wannabe attire cold turkey, I have decided to keep them until my mom secretly throws them out. Which might very well be today.

Being busy 24/7. Last summer, I couldn’t get a job to save my life. I would lie in my bed all day watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, eating everything in our candy cabinet, and occasionally dragging myself outside to see daylight. This summer, I’m working 35 hours/week and have to allot time to sit down and do nothing. I love being bored now. IF YOU ARE BORED RIGHT NOW, CHERISH IT!

“Finding myself.” I think I watched too many 90’s movies where the main character “finds out who they really are” in under two hours. I’m not even sure how the process works in the real world. Am I going to be buying milk one night, and all of a sudden I have an epiphany and know exactly who I am and what I want? Maybe purchasing dairy products is a little exaggerated, but deciphering every move you make into trying to understand yourself is also. I know what makes me happy, what doesn’t, what I believe in, and my favorite toppings on a pizza. What else could I possibly need to know?

What do you need to quit? 



  1. I’m 34 and need to quit some of these things too! As far as your teenage attire, I say wear that when appropriate while you have the figure to keep wearing it! Crop tops, jean shorts and slouchy sweaters are important in your down time. As you get older, you will accessorize them more maturely :).

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