Mass Communication

I love my major; I really do. We keep the public updated. We share inspirational stories and creative innovations. Our love for stories and people coincide and create a beautiful harmony that trails through the media outlets.

However, the repetition and glamorization of some events are worrisome.  In a study (article link here: involving children watching the news coverage of a tragic event such as 9/11 it was found that “Watching an event replayed repeatedly can increase stress and anxiety among young children who may think that the catastrophe is happening over and over again.”

Isn’t that all of us? Aren’t we all watching the same video play over and over of the plane crashing into the tower or our brothers and sisters being injured by the bombs? We repeat the images, we repeat the pain, we repeat the trauma. When you get a paper cut and don’t give it enough time to heal before getting another in the same place, the wound only gets deeper. The media has an important job, and it does not include trying to get ratings by holding a fake jury for a court case involving a woman who brutally murdered her boyfriend.

The job is to give our society the news, not just the bad but most importantly the good. When our goal as a society is to get the information correct instead of first, the media can finally be looked upon as a trusted source again.


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