He asked if we were happy.

My PR professor stood in the middle of our classroom today and looked around. He told us to put our pencils and phones down. Then he proceeded to ask each of us individually if we knew anyone who was happy. To our surprise, it was a harder question than it should have been. Because when you really think about it, we think happy essentially means everything is going right in our lives. To be happy we have to be in love, have the money we need, and do the thing we love everyday of our lives. Our perfect selves can only be happy. Not a 20-something sitting in filler classes struggling to figure out how next semester will be paid for in time. Then, he asked us if we were happy. Most responded with “I guess” or “I’m not really content, no” or “I don’t really know.” It’s a loaded question when it shouldn’t be. And when he finally got to me, I blurted “Yes. I am completely happy and completely confused.”

In which my professor told me, “As you should be.”



  1. Your writing is just wonderful! I’ll be sure to keep up with these and show them to my kids. Even at their ages they will benefit from your words.

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